Apple iPad 2 Memory Upgrade:16, 32, or 64 GB Pricing and Offers

Should I get the iPad tablet at 16G vs 32G vs 64G – Compare memory card features and prices

Like all things Apple, the iPad Tablet is a real beauty! In 16 GB, 32GB or 64GB  form, getting an Apple iPad will ensure you get a top notch product, with the classiest design anywhere. Your iPad will also get you a lot of admiring glances, well, let’s face it, outright stares accompanied by ‘can I check that out’ or WOWS!

Which to get – Apple iPad memory 16, 32 or 64 gb?

A comparison of iPad 2 16, 32 and 64 gb models is easy: the different models of Apple’s iPad tablet pc differ only in two parameters –

  1. how much flash memory storage space you get – either 16 gb in the starter model, 32 gb in the mid range ipad, and 64 gb in the top of the line device.
  2. the other differentiator is whether 3g connectivity is available, or just wifi

So if you need to decide which memory size to choose from the different iPad models, the main question is what your uses will be. A 16 gig iPad should hold around 4,000 songs, or about 20 hours of video. A 32 gig iPad will hold twice that, and the top of the range 64 gig iPad, four times as much.

Since the iPad tablet is new in many ways, it could be hard to anticipate exactly how much storage you will be using. A good place to start with is your current media library. If 16 gb memory is more than enough for your needs now, it may be sufficient for your iPad as well. But remember that new apps and media may turn you into a bigger memory consumer if the thousands of developers working on iPad apps right now have anything to say about it.

iPad Storage Upgrade

The annoying thing here (Apple…) is of course that once you choose which ipad model you like, there is no turning back, as iPad memory upgrades are impossible. You could always connect external memory, but that will not be all that great for the user experience – it won’t sit quite as neatly on your lap. You’ll also need to fork out more cash for the adapters. So if you can afford the upgrade, it may be worth it, rather than having to buy a new model in a year, or use ipad 2 memory stick.

The jump from the 16 gb ipad to the 32 gb model costs $100 and gives you an extra 16 gb. Adding another $100 for the 64 gb memory model will get you twice as much memory for your dollar – much much easier than adding memory to iPads after you’ve bought one.

How much can each 16 gb iPad hold? 16 gigs translates to about 20 hours of video or 4,000 songs on average. This is much more then the jump in other products like iPod 32GB.

Please note that upgrading the memory is needed mainly for the functioning of high multimedia computer games, but is not needed for regular games or mobile casino games.

  1. iPad 16 gigThe base model Apple iPad tablet – 16GB of flash memory. All the Apple iPad models will be similarly featured, and include a 9.7 inch LED display, a reported 10 hour battery life, Wi-Fi wireless support and… well that’s about it.The baseline Apple iPad tablet 16 GB will go for $499 with just WiFi connectivity, and $629 for Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity which will give you more mobility. If you do go for a 3g iPad, chances are you may be offered a discount on the retail price by wireless providers who will subsidize your iPad of you commit to a monthly data plan.
  2. iPad 32 gig modelThe mid-range Apple iPad tablet 32 GB goes for a base of $599 for the Wi-Fi only model, and $729 for the iPad 32GB 3G. Like all the other model prices, these prices are for USA buyers only. If you want to buy an iPad tablet and live anywhere else, first thing, you’re probably going to have to wait a while, and second, you will most likely have to pay more.
  3. Apple iPad 64 GBThe top of the line iPad tablet 64 GB costs $699 for the base model. Adding 3G support will bump the price up to $829. Not including taxes of course. With a 64 gig iPad your tablet can hold a massive 80 hours of video or 16,000 songs.

These prices can be considered either cheap or expensive, depending on what you compare the iPad tablet 64GB to – a notebook? a netbook? a phone? As usual, Apple seems to be creating a niche of its own, so any comparison will be like comparing Apples to oranges.

iPad 3 – the hype

The iPad was one of the most anticipated consumer electronic products ever. Prior to its unveiling, the rumors and speculation frenzy was so intense, that several of Apple’s competitors hurried to introduce their own versions of the tablet PC, trying to get a head start. Just weeks prior to the Apple media event unveiling the iPad, dozens of Tablet computers were hurled into the scene in the annual CES event. But even then, it was clear that the upcoming Apple tablet would get all the glory once revealed.

Now we have the same hype all over again with the upcoming launch of the iPad 3. And you have to decide whether to go for an iPad 64 gigabyte model or to wait and see how much iPad 3 memory will be available.

Apple iPad Summary

First impressions: When the iPad was finally launched, expectations were extremely high. However, initially at least, many people were genuinely disappointed. The iPad tablet seemed no more than an oversized iPhone. It did not seem to have anything new, no bells or whistles, no cutting edge technologies, nothing that would justify all the hype in the build-up for the launch.

As has become customary for all Apple products, the iPad tablet has specs that are way below what competitors are (and will soon be) offering in their own tablet PCs. No phone, no camera, no multitasking, not even support for Flash – which makes Jobs comments about the best possible browsing experience seem unrealistic. iPad tablet – on second consideration Apple has made it’s fortune by selling under-spec’ed consumer electronics and computers, that have the best design, the best usability, and the best all-around user experience.

The iPhone and iPod never even tried to match their rivals as far as specs. They always had less features and less memory. Even the Apple MacBooks which are extremely costly when compared to the competition, sport just 2GB flash memory and 160-250 GB hard drive, versus similarly priced offerings from other vendors start off with 3-4 GB memory, and 350-500 GB hard drives. 16 GB for the basic iPad, 32 GB for the midrange one and the top level iPad tablet sporting 64GB, could be decent amount of memory for a phone, but if the tablet is aimed to fill in the gap between the iPhone and the MacBook, and serve primarily as a multimedia machine, this amount of memory seems to be insufficient.

Apple iPad tablets – a huge success or a huge failure? At this stage it is hard to say. Many observers, bloggers, and commenters have been quick to lash out at the iPad 64 gig as being way to expensive, and the iPad tablet 16GB as being simply unimpressive. Initial comments were a bit rough, calling the Apple iPad tablet anything from iFlop to iTampon, and as far as the chances of these commenters actually buying an iPad 16GB – simply put ‘iPass’ seems to have been the general sentiment. On the other hand, industry analysts seemed unimpressed by all this talk, and are predicting hefty sales with millions of iPads of 16, 32 and 64 GB models expected to be ordered in the first year alone.

Many people ask should I get the biggest memory just because I can? which iPad memory would actually be sufficient to my needs, and which will be the most popular iPad version. The current estimation is that the 32 giga would be the most popular Ipad model.